Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Life Today

Well, I just had a nice phone meeting with a website designer. So, facelift begins! This is so exciting, I hope it goes smoothly!

I have been really busy with internet orders this week, I hope this means my marketing is starting to pay off. I have been studying all about marketing and PR lately. There is so much to do and to learn. Everyone has a different take on what has worked for them. I am just taking the things I like to do and going with them first. If that doesn't work then I guess I will have to start doing the things I don't like to do..... like talking to people I don't know about myself and my company.
It is such a learning process and the common key I have found to marketing is that you can never stop! You have to keep up with many marketing techniques consistently for them to work. That is the hard part! It is so easy to do something once, like writing a blog, but to keep up with doing them is a whole other story.

Anyway, today is my one day a week that I work at the Aspen Club & Spa front desk. It is hard for me to stop my work and get there but once I am there I really enjoy it. Since I work at home, I feel like a hermit. It is good to have to get out of here and be social, something that I like to do but have a hard time doing. In case you didn't know, I am actually a pretty shy person. I really want to talk to strangers but it is so hard for me. That is definitely the trait that I like least about myself, I think, at least today anyway!

Okay, enough for now. I hope everyone is having a good day!

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