Monday, July 13, 2009

Bebe Dulce Business Tip

Okay, so I want to start giving tips on how I am increasing business for Bebe Dulce. I am just learning and I do a lot of research but other than that I am new to the business game (as of last year).

So my Bebe Dulce Tip of the Day...

Recruit your friends as sales reps. I knew that I needed a big jump-start to my business. I only planned on doing "word-of'-mouth" advertising for my internet based business. Well, that didn't work. I mean I got a couple of orders a week but that wasn't cutting it.

My awesome friend Jen really liked my product and would help me brainstorm on how to get the word out. Before we knew it Jen was my first sales rep! I then asked a couple other friends and now I have 4 sales reps. One is a stay at home Mom and the others work either full or part time. They love it because they can make their own schedule and work as much or as little as they want, plus they make extra cash! I love it becasue they make commission only and they pay for their samples they "use" to sell. I researched loads of sales rep jobs to figure out what was common practice and then added in what worked for me. So far, this has been an incredible jump-start for Bebe Dulce. We are currently in over 20 stores in 3 states!!

If you want to be a sales rep or if you have a business and would like more info about hiring sales reps, just send me a comment.

Enjoy your day!

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