Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Thoughts, FREE Pillow

Random Thoughts...

Just a little exercise tip, when you go walking or hiking, bring your ski poles or a couple of walking sticks. Why? You burn 25% more calories when walking or hiking with poles because you are moving your arms as well, therefore getting a full body workout.

I should have started this blog, joined facebook, twitter and all the other social media sites when I worked for someone else. It was so much easier to waste time on someone else's clock rather than my own. Damn it!

I don't know why I dream of being on Oprah!? I can't even talk in front of 20 people much less the whole world. I think I will change my dream that my company, my products will be on Oprah, not me in particular.

Let's have a little fun.
Okay, now if you message me today, this means by midnight tonight, Thursday July 16. I will send you a FREE relaxation pillow. Yep, totally FREE, FREE pillow, FREE shipping.

What you need to do is visit my website and fill out the email list on the home page. Include your shipping address and what scent of pillow you would like. To find the scents visit the Mom's relaxation products page on the site.

Ready, Go, Have a Great Day!

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