Saturday, January 29, 2011

Very Cute & Fun Craft

We are heading out the watch the X Games today but I wanted to share a super cute and quick craft. I found saw these earrings on one of the blogs I read, Sutton Grace. I just had to have those rose cabochons. So I looked up the seller Pretty Lovelies on etsy and had at it. Bought a bunch of different things. Here are the rings I made.

Love them. I made earrings & bobby pins too. I got tons of compliments plus several friends wanted to buy some for presents. I sold them super cheap but still made a few bucks.

{EDIT} I use E600 glue to adhere the flowers. It helps to file the metal first. You can get the glue in the craft section at Wally-world.

For the rings or earrings themselves I would just search etsy. I bought from 3 different people. Bunny Sundries is good too.

Have a fabulous day!

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