Friday, January 21, 2011

Challenge #7

Okay, since I have skipped the challenge for about a month now! Total slacker, I know!! Ha-ha. I am now going to just number them instead of using weeks, just in case I need to skip again. Not that I am planning to but just in know to cover my a*s...

Frame It Friday..has a nice little ring to it, huh? So I had several picture frame ideas that I brought to life both were simple, simple, simple.

First, I really needed to decorate the girls room. The walls were pretty bare and if you remember my post last week regarding the wall colors in our home, well I will refresh your memory, they are all off-white. Sooo in my office I had a stash of basic black picture frames that I had bought on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They sell them in sets of 4, I had bought them a couple of years ago as I made a wall collage of pictures. I had several left and sitting not too far was an enormous stack of Alea's art work. I also had paint that I bought (craft paint from Wal-mart) when I was decorating Alea's nursery. So I just slapped a couple of coats of paint over the black frames, inserted fabulous 3 year old daughter's art work and Viola!

I made 7 of them and I will have to say, I love them! Love seeing her artwork!

Next, I have this piece of art (my Aunt's) via my grandmother. I love this piece. As you can see the frame is mostly gold. Clearly it was framed many a years ago. So bust out my black craft paint from Wally-world and here you go.

Very happy with the result! Have you done any easy, fun projects lately? Tell me about them!
Happy Friday! I have a newborn photo session next week and this week I happened to be reading one of my favorite blogs The Pioneer Woman and one of her guest's posted about this incredible photographer. I can't wait to get my lens in front of that baby next week now. I will definitely be drawing a little inspiration from Kerrianne Brown. Can you say AMAZING? Love her style!

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  1. Claire, I've been fascinated with scrapboxes as frames since seeing this:

    I've bought a couple and collected the items I wanted to put into them....I planned on one per date weekend with my guy. But then, I'm like where the hell is he going to hang them?