Monday, January 10, 2011

Super Mommy Tip #8

Do your own salon manicure & pedicure. For most of us Mom's the days of heading to the salon every week or two to have someone else massage, rub and paint our hands and feet are just a distant memory. Time just isn't on our side to pamper ourselves as we once did. So if you are anything like me, well hopefully not because I am a little obsessed with having perfectly filed and painted nails, and want salon-looking nails here are my tips for doing your own salon mani - pedi.

1. Get salon grade polish. Every salon sells polish. My favorites are OPI & Esse. Personally on my hands I like a pale color, madamoiselle (Esse) and privacy please (OPI). I like pale colors on my hands because if I do mess up a little you can't really tell. For my feet I get brave and use a variety of colors because they are a little easier to do.

2. You will also want to get a base coat polish and a top coat polish (they do make these combined). These you can get from the drug store. For the top coat make sure you get one that is shine or extra shine.

3. You need either toothpicks (beak the point off) or bobby pins. You will use these to get the excess polish off your cuticles.

4. All optional: pumice stone, foot bath, salt scrub. If you have time, I typically do the scrubbing when I am in the bath. Or just ask your husband, I am sure he will be happy to rub your feet :) ha-ha

Okay, to get started, file your nails and trim your cuticles. If you don't have the tools, invest in them from you local drug store. They are cheap. I like clippers, a cuticle trimmer and a file. Once you finish that, you will start at the center of the nail and work your way out with the polish. You want an even, light coat. You will do 2 coats, so be sure not do it too thick. After you paint each nail, take your toothpick or bobby pin and run it along your cuticle to grab any excess polish.

For my hands, I sometimes only use one coat of polish but for the feet I always use 2 coats. I also like to make sure the polish is completely dry before I put the top shine coat on. Voila! Only you will know that you didn't spend hours at the salon getting those fabulous nails, something us Mom's only dream about these days!

Remember practice makes perfect!

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