Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm a Mom!

You know my 3 year old is constantly "Mommy, Momma, Mom." telling me everything that possibly comes into her mind. We go through life and everything happens so fast. Then out of the millions of times Alea says "Mom", I stopped and think, "Holy Sh*t, I can't believe I am a Mom." I am finally here. I am one of those girls that always wanted to be a Mom. I mean I probably "played" house until I was way too old. I couldn't wait to be a Mom. And now I am here, I'm a Mom, exactly what I want to be.

What is even funnier is that today was a really hard day. They just wore me out, Alea was relentless. Now they are finally in bed maybe it's just that I am enjoying the quiet just a little too much.

They make me smile.

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