Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Mommy Tip #8

Super Mommy Tip #8, Only Do What You Can Handle Part 3:

I think every Mom dreads doing laundry. I mean it piles up before we ever get to the bottom of it, it never stops, never a day (or hour for that matter) goes by that you are tossing something in the basket. Quite frankly I am lucky if I finish a whole load in one day from start to finish. I always tell myself that I will get better about it and not let it stay in the dryer for a day or two but I am still waiting for myself to listen. Anyway, I have decided since laundry is never ending, that I can only handle 2 loads at a time. Yep only 2! Anymore and well I get buried, overwhelmed and nearly depressed. Choose how many loads you can do at a time in order not to get buried beneath the never ending pile. If that means picking out your favorite things, then do it and don't do ANYMORE that what YOU can handle! Don't overwhelm yourself by dirty laundry.

PS. One of the best decisions I ever made (and this was before I had kids) was for my hubs to do his own laundry. When we first moved in together I took over all the laundry, folding, putting away all his clothes, being the perfect little house-girlfriend. Well it took me about a month before I realized that...well that he can do his own laundry. 6 years later he still does his own and I am still patting myself on the back for the great decision. So sorry husbands but ladies, try it! I promise this is not one that you will regret.

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