Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah

I am in need of a little motivation these days. Most people start off the New Year with a bang but I am different if you haven't noticed. Since I have had my own business and I am busy throughout December, January seems to be my laziest month.








Okay I just called my hubber and informed him that I will be painting our bedroom sky blue (that color just came out of the top of my head but blue is a definite possibility). The funny thing about this is that the 2 homes that we have owned together, every wall has been painted off-white. Why, you might ask? Well we can't agree on paint colors.  So imagine his dismay. His response, "that is a waste of money". Ha. Ha. Why is his response funny you might ask? My husband is not money conscious and NEVER tells me not to spend money. I manage our finances, therefore I am the one saying not to buy this or that. If I ever ask him if I should buy something, he ALWAYS says yes. Maybe I will pleasantly surprise him with a new bedroom color here soon :)

Then I told him I also want to frame out our bathroom mirror. Like this.

He then asked me if I thought I was Martha Stewart. I told him he could call me Martha if he wanted to.....
I will keep you updated on my progress.

Don't hold your breath.

On a side note. I believe in angels.

I am not sure why but those simple 4 words (which I totally believe) have been in my head all day, you know like a song that is stuck in your head.

I believe in angels.

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