Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Super Mommy Tip #2

Okay, so after the last Super Mommy Tip, I actually had a couple of people tell me that their husband gives their children a bath and quite frankly there was no way their husband was going to jump on cleaning the bathroom at the same time. Totally understandable.
So if your house is run anything like mine, I pretty much do all the cleaning. #1 because I work from home and therefore I have to look at the mess constantly. #2 because my husband doesn't clean very often. I mean he is happy to if I kindly ask him but that usually entails vacuuming or doing the dishes. So the way I get him to do things a little more often and EVEN sometimes without me having to ask (gasp, yes sometimes I don't even have to ask!) Is that I Praise the hell out of him when he does something. Yes I know, why should they be praised for something that we have to do daily (and get 0 praise), or that it is their house too, yea, yea, yea. A couple of years ago we went to see a marriage counselor and one of my issues was that I did everything around the house and he didn't help out (this was when I worked full time as well). She told me, you have to praise him. At the time my hard-headed-ness said their was no way no how I would "praise" him and tell him thank you for doing something I was expected to do. As time went on, I get it. I want the help, he doesn't see "clean" the same way I do. He doesn't see the dirt like I do and quite frankly if I don't want to do it all by myself, suck it up and say, "Oh my goodness, the rug looks so great, thank you so much for vacuuming!"

So my Super Mommy Tip #3 is to Praise your husband for helping clean around the house!  This tip might be hard to swallow in the beginning but trust me it will help you in the end! Try it a couple of times and I can almost guarantee results.

There are also a couple of products that are tried and true in my house. I tried countless different products until I found these gems, so I thought I would share them.

If your daughters hair looks like this in the morning and you have to spend a half an hour combing it while she screams her head off you need this product!
So believe me when I say I have tried countless products for this child's hair. My answer is Biolage. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and most importantly the detangler. The detangler is a rinse out after you condition but I promise no matter how matted your kids hair is you can comb right though those tangles! Biolage is more expensive than your regular drug store shampoo but you can get it at Target. I promise you will save many tears. In addition to that on the days I don't wash her hair, I use Biosilk Kids Tangle Buster spray. You will not need the spray if you have just washed her hair. The Biolage also makes her tangles much more manageable, meaning a lot less screaming and crying and holding her down :0 And that right there makes the day better for everyone.

And your babies hair will look like this no no time!

My other can't live without product is Aquaphor. You must get it if you don't already know it's magic. I have never used a diaper rash cream on either one of my kids. At the first sign of a red little bootie, slap a layer of this magic and viola! Happy butts everywhere. I also have a tube in my bag for lips since it will cure dry, chapped lips in no time. A rash of any kind, anywhere and it is clear in a day! Yep, I get the biggest tub they make and it lasts forever!

Unfortunately, I was not paid or given any free goodies for this post :) Just wanted to share and make your day a little brighter.

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