Monday, November 1, 2010

Super Mommy Tip #1

I have decided to do a series of tips for Moms. I think it is a fun way to share what I have learned from being a Mom and things that people have told or taught me to be a better, more efficient Mom and the secrets to being or appearing to be a Super Mom.

Super Mommy Tip #1: Clean the bathroom while your kids are playing in the bath. Once I started doing this my bathroom suddenly became a much cleaner less dreaded place. The last thing I want to do in my free time is to clean the bathroom. Plus Alea is always up for spending as long as possible in the tub. I can clean everything except the inside of the tub while she is in it, then when she gets out all I have to do is wipe out the inside! I do recommend using non-toxic green cleaning solutions or if you spray the sponge outside of the bathroom and then use it to clean, so your not fuming up the bathroom while your little one is in there :)

Feel free to comment or contact me with your fabulous Mommy tips, then I can share them with everyone. If I use them there just might be a fabulous prize in store for you from Bebe Dulce!

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