Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bet I can Make You Laugh

Since my husband's job isn't very stable, yes he did get a new one but it isn't great money, so we are still looking for jobs for him or myself, which ever comes first. So last week I received a phone call from one of the owners of a company I am hoping to get a job from, luckily both girls has just gone down for a nap...or so I thought. Just a few short minutes into the conversation I hear Alea yelling from downstairs "Moooooommmmmm, I pooooooooped!" Oh my goodness, what do I do, I am on a very important phone call and can't possibly let this man hear my daughter yelling for me to wipe her butt. Seriously. "Mooooommmm, I pooooooped." Oh good God is right. What am I going to do? "Excuse me sir, Can you please hold for a moment while I wipe my kids butt?" or "Can I call you right back I have some poop to clean up?" I could not get off the phone and the man was basically interviewing me over the phone. How is this happening? I could barely focus, all I could hear was POOOOOOPPPPP. Poor little missy had to wait nearly 15 minutes on the pot before I could get to her. Once it was all over, I think I laughed for pretty much the rest of the day and now the mere thought of the situation sends me into laughter.


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