Thursday, November 18, 2010

Give Your Sweet Babies Extra Hugs & Kisses

I had something completely different I was going to post about today but since I can't stop thinking about something else, I think I will share it.
Emme and I went to the grocery this morning to get the food for Alea's birthday party on Saturday, TIgey met us there to play with Emme. There is this girl that works there, I think we are about the same age and she had a baby the same time I had Emme. This girl and I have known each other for years (being such a small town), we call each other by name and when we were pregnant at the same time and had our babies within weeks of each other, we had even more to chat about in the checkout line. The grocery store has been closed for 3 weeks for remodeling and today was the first day I had been back in there. When I was checking out, the girl came up and started bagging my groceries and we were chatting as usual. Tigey was holding Emme and we were talking about Emme not feeling well and I think she is coming down with a cold. I asked the girl how her baby is doing (she had a boy) and she says "Didn't you hear? He passed away."  My heart instantly broke, what? She said he died 3 weeks ago from SIDS. Of course I hugged her several times and told her how sorry I am. She has photos of him in her pocket and Tigey and I are both in tears. I am in shock. I can't believe it. Once we get outside and are loading the car, the girl comes outside and says that she has a bunch of formula coupons and she is working Sunday and she will bring them in for me. Really? What a kind soul.

I absolutely can not imagine what she is going through. I am devastated for her. Please say a prayer for her, her name is Marlene.  If you live in Aspen and know who she is, give her an extra smile and maybe a hug.... she needs it.

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  1. That's so sad. Bless her heart for being able to think of others even after her horrible and unfair experience. I know a woman who lost her 5 month old baby yesterday and they also think it was SIDS as well. :(