Friday, December 10, 2010

White Chocolate & Peppermint

What a concept, white chocolate and peppermint! For years I have seen peppermint bark and I am not even sure I have ever tasted it....not sure why, I just never had any. Since I am always looking for new recipes, in particular easy, new recipes, I decided to look up the recipe for peppermint bark. It is hardly a recipe! It is the easiest, best, yummy thing to make! It is perfect for the holidays! I just made 2 batches (only because for some unknown reason I only bought enough white chocolate for 2, believe me if I had more I would make more, I will make more as soon as I get back to the store) and it made enough for me to make 8 small treat bags as gifts and a double small treat bag for...well, me...oh yea and I might share with the hubby.

1 bag of white chocolate chips (I used Nestle)
4 candy canes, crushed (just put them in a Ziploc, cover with a cloth and pound out all your frustration from your 3 year old)
Wax or parchment paper
cookie sheet (I used the pan from my toaster and it was the perfect size)

I used a bowl on top of a sauce pan to make a double broiler since I don't have a fancy one. Put about an inch or so of water in the pan. You don't want the water to touch the bowl because when it starts to boil the water will rise. Turn the burner on medium and dump the chips into the boil. Don't turn it up too high because the chips will burn, you want them nice and creamy. Once the chips have melted.
Remove from heat. Test chocolate to make sure you didn't get a bad bag. Add your crushed peppermint.
And stir. Test again to make sure the peppermint and chocolate are loving each other. Next cover your pan with the wax paper and dump the goodness onto the paper.
Put it in the for about 2 hours. Once it comes out just break it apart into chunks.

Pick the biggest chunk and test to make sure everything is just as delicious as it was when it was melted.

Great for a sweet desert after your holiday party with a big cup of coffee, mocha, latte...
Put a couple bowls out if you have guests over, just make sure to leave some for your guests.
Put in treat size bags and give to your friends, neighbors, teachers for the holidays.
Bribe your 3 year old into taking a nap by giving her a small taste beforehand.
Have a couple of chunks so you are plenty wired to write your Christmas cards.

Seriously, I don't know why I didn't make this years ago.  Enjoy.

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