Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Off to a Great Start

I love it when the week starts off GREAT! Typically, Monday mornings are dreaded, family time is over and rountine life begins. Well this week I've had "pots of gold" thrown into my routine and I couldn't be happier!! First thing Monday morning, I got an email from a magazine needing pictures for their Bebe Dulce write-up, then someone else contacted me checking facts for the article. Today, I was looking through a couple of Mom websites when I clicked on Mommies With Style and viola! Bebe Dulce review! What a pleasant surprise and what a Great review! Be warned that they are changing a couple of things that are incorrect, like my name. I couldn't have asked for a better review! Thanks Mommies With Style!

Plus, Bebe Dulce just turned one and I just launched my new website!! So in celebration I am offering a 15% discount (code birthday15), a FREE tote bag on all orders over $75, both of these offers are good until this Sunday the 20th. On top of all that I am offering FREE shipping on all orders over $50 (good until the end of the month)!! Celebrating always makes me feel generous! I just really want to jump start this new year in business and jump start my new website that I have worked so hard on!!

Well, I hope everyone else's week is off to a great start as well, if not make yourself feel better with a little retail therapy at Bebe Dulce and take advantage of our fun offers!!

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