Tuesday, September 22, 2009


You know my Mom is constantly telling me that my daughter acts just like I did as a child. I know I wasn't the easiest child, everything had to be my way and I would stop at nothing to get it. I tell my Mom, every child acts that way, every child wants everything their way! My Mother insists that I was different, I was beyond determined and I really stopped at nothing to get what I wanted. So I finally asked her a few weeks ago when we were visiting, so is this a good thing or a bad thing, my determination as a kid? She told me that growing up, of course I was very hard to deal with but she knew in the back of her head that it would hopefully turn out to be a good characteristic as an adult.

Well, I will have to tell you through my adult life my determination had gotten me through more than I can believe. I get down on my "luck" just as much as the next guy. Sometimes it will take me a day or two to perk back up and get back on track but one thing is for sure I will stop at nothing to succeed. Bebe Dulce is like another child to me, it is my baby. I created this company and have worked endlessly raising what I want more than anything to be a big success. I get this incredible opportunity to live out this amazing dream and I am determined to make the most of it!

So cheers to being determined to follow your dreams and determined to be successful!

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