Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Been A While....

It's been a while..2 weeks almost...I have a whole list of excuses...but I will spare you. My Mom left today, she was visiting for the past week. I had big plans (huge plans to be exact) to get a ton of things accomplished. None of them happened. She came, watched my kids and I did...well I'm not sure what I did but I can tell you for sure it wasn't much. My mind and body went on vacation. It was fabulous. Thanks Mom. Now I have to come back to reality.

One thing I have started working on, is that I am challenging myself not to buy the girls any clothes at least through the summer. They have several things that I picked up on sale last summer and of course Baby Cutie has loads of clothes passed down from her Big Sis. Anything they need I am going to make it or refashion it. I have made a couple of things so far and once I get a few pics taken I will share. I am super excited about challenging myself. I can't promise that I won't buy anything because..well I just flat out like to shop and purchase things. No promises but I am gonna try to try!

The weather is beautiful so I am off to enjoy it. Hope to chat with you sooner rather than later :)

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