Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day in The Life

There are those days when my husband comes home from work and asks me what I did that day and I say "I don't know, just regular stuff". Yesterday I thought about it for another second and this is what I did...I'll have to say that, it makes me more tired thinking about it rather than actually doing it.

Get up, fix breakfast, eat
Clean up breakfast
Take shower, get ready
Get kids ready
Go to the Grocery
Go to the Bank
Stop by see husband at work
Take Alea to dance class
Come home, make lunch
Put Emme down for a nap
Clean up lunch
Remember that I have groceries in the car
Unload and put away groceries
Prepare taxes
Clean off desk in office
Get order ready to ship and another order ready to drop off
Put load of things for the thrift store in car
Snack for kids, I get ready to go to work (I work 2 evenings a week at a Fitness club)
Husband comes home, I leave
Go to Post Office to ship order
Drop off things at Thrift Store
Drop off another order
Drop off taxes
Go to Club and work until 9:15 pm

And really that is just an overview. It doesn't include cleaning, laundry and all the little things.

Honestly I have no idea how Mom's that work full time get anything done...really.

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