Monday, August 30, 2010

Paint, Paint and Decorate!

If you haven't gotten fabric paint yet, go get some! There are so many cute projects to do. Pick up a couple of plain shirts (any color will do), it is your turn to make shirts! I was looking through this Disney Fun magazine and this adorable little owl was on the front, so with owls being a "hot" style for kids these days, I just had to make the girls shirts this weekend. While I was busy doing my project, I let Alea make a shirt for her Daddy (which he loved of course)! Here are a few pics.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Since I didn't do the eyes great I just used silver glitter paint instead of leaving the area blank. Here is a direct link to the templates. I printed the templates out on card stock and then used an exacto to cut the owl out. You can leave lines to contect the eyes so you will have a stencil and then go back after you remove the stencil and touch up the areas. I used a paint brush, to give the shirts a nice smooth finish. They almost look like silkscreen! For the baby's shirt I just reduced the template before I printed it. Remember to put a piece of paper in the middle of the shirt so the paint won't bleed to the back. Let me know what you think and Have fun painting!

Bebe Dulce

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