Friday, August 27, 2010

Just Call Me Martha and Be Inspired!

I will have to admit, I really like Martha Stewart in so many ways. I admire her entrepreneurial spirit as well as all her amazing craft ideas (not that they are all her idea but you know what I mean). She was actually part of my inspiration to start Bebe Dulce. I love looking through magazines and getting inspired to create. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to create all my ideas that come into my head so I have decided to start sharing them so hopefully others will make and create as well.

Before Emme was born I started hand-painting shirts and onezees for babies and kids. I used to have them on my website and I might put them back on, but right now I need a website break after the makeover! Anyway, when I was pregnant I had Alea paint a onezee for Emme. I had the onezees and the fabric paint and Alea loves to paint, so I thought it was a perfect idea and it was! She also made one for Tigey for Father's Day which he loved as well! It is so simple even if you are not crafty. Go to Walmart and get fabric paint, I recommend 2 or 3 colors anymore and the kids will just saturate the shirt. Pick up a pack of onezees. The kids can use their fingers (hand prints are great) or a paint brush, both work well. I folded a piece of paper and slid it in the middle of the shirt to absorb the paint and so the front doesn't stick to the back. Let the kids have at it!

Here is Alea with the onezee she made for Emme. She just loved that she created something special for her baby sister. I even let her wrap it and "give" it to Emme at the hospital. I also let her make one for herself, which she loved, as well as telling everyone that she made it herself! Here is a pic of the one she made Emme.
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