Saturday, August 7, 2010

Am I Being Tested or What?

So we just got back from a great vaca in Nashville visiting my family and friends. When we got on the plane leaving Aspen we sat there for 2 hours. The de-icer light was on and we could not fly even though we clearly did not need de-icer for any reason! It was HOT (not as hot as what we were about to experience in TN but pretty darn hot). Finally after the LONG 2 hour wait, with 2 kids on a very small plane with no air, the problem wasn't fixed but we got the okay to fly with the malfunctioning light. By the time we took off we had already missed our connection in Denver. Boooo! When we got to Denver we had to race to customer service and cross our fingers that there was another flight with 3 seats available to Nashville. Luckily there was and a mere 4 hours later we were happy and sweating in Nashvegas.

We had one of the best trip I can remember. Saw lots of old friends and had tons o' fun! Yea!

A quick week later we were on our way back to Colorado. We get on the plane and take off without a hitch! We have about 20 minutes left on our flight and the captain comes on the mic and tells us that Denver airport is closed due to thunderstorms. We are now going to circle around Denver until it re-opens..umm okay. Almost an hour after that, the captain comes back on, tells us that the airport just re-opened but there are 30 airplanes waiting to land and we are out of fuel and can't wait for our turn. So we are off to Pueblo to refuel! Seriously?! The airplane turns and 5 minutes after that, we turn again and we are told that they are letting us cut in line and land in Denver!! Yahoooo! We land at the exact time that our plane to Aspen was suppose to take off. We are not too worried since the airport was closed and we doubt our plane is ready to take off. Sure enough our plane has not taken off and we are waiting for the plane to come from Colorado Springs. So we wait and we wait and a mere 3 hours after that our plane arrives! Yipeee! or so we thought... Before we know it they cancel our flight because the pilot is over his hours and there is no one to fly our plane. Just in case you don't know the flight from Denver to Aspen is about 30 minutes....He can't fly for 30 more minutes? It is now 9 pm and I am just about to loose my head. The Frontier lady tells us that we have to go to customer service to re-book, they will not re-book anyone there (there is a 9:30 flight and that is the last flight of the night) and there are a few seats on that flight, so the entire flight takes off running to customer service. I tell Tigey to run as fast as he can. The customer service desk is seriously about a 1/2 mile away from our gate at least. I can feel myself about to fall apart. We have one more diaper left that I had been saving in case of a poop (poor Emme was in a pee diaper for way too long), no more snacks and I just think there is no way we can stay in Denver for the night. I am going to cry..but I don't! I go up to the lady at the gate (the one that say she is not re-booking anyone) and BEG her to please re-book us on the 9:30 flight, please I have 2 kids and we have to get home. She says YES but don't tell anyone else and give us seats on the flight! I want to hug and kiss her, thank God for this woman! Meanwhile Tigey calls my phone and says "the good news is that he beat all the people from our flight to customer service!" I have such a fast hubby! The bad news is there is approximately 300 people already in line for customer service from other flights. No worries, this lady has completely taken are of us! Another hour goes by but we are finally on our way to Aspen. We land, no bags came with us but we are home, it is 11:30pm and I could not be happier to be in my bed! I don't care about anything else at that point, just sooo happy to be home!

I will have to say that my kids were awesome during our airport delays and Tigey and I didn't even argue (typically we argue while traveling, stress I guess). We made it, whoever and whatever we were being tested for as a family during our traveling, I'd say we passed! I feel strong and happy that we made it through and quite happily I might add.

Thursday morning I get up and am getting ready to go to the airport to look for our bags and Tigey calls. His boss just told him he has 30 days left of his job. Her business isn't good (she is in real estate) and she can't pay him after this month!!??!? WTF! Oh My God! Really!?! I guess our test isn't over after all. He has worked there for the last 13 years! WOW!

I spend the rest of the day looking for jobs for either one of us in Aspen (there are about a total of 15 jobs in the paper, none of which are anything we are qualified for) and in Boulder/Denver (I have been wanting to move for a while now and since there are no jobs in Aspen....) Well there is hardly anything there either. Unfortunately my photography biz and Bebe Dulce are not full-time income since I have 2 kids at home. I apply myself for 3 random jobs and there really isn't anything for Tigey. He can do just about anything and has many qualifications but there are NO jobs!

I guess our test as a couple and a family are not over. I have no idea what is going to happen in the next month or so... until then I will keep looking for jobs and keep my faith that we will pass yet another test, happily as a family!

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