Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Big Girl

My big cutie is in dance class once a week. I will have to say that every Monday morning it brings a smile and typically a big laugh to my day. It starts the week off in the right direction...minus the whirlwind it takes to get there.

Crazy pic of the little girl next to my big cutie..huh?

When far away we are all little dots but when up close we are shining stars!
 I got this from this adorable etsy shop, just.lovely.things via one of my favortie blogs, Little miss Momma. If you haven't had a dose of LMM before, you should definitely check her

It is still freezing here, okay well BELOW FREEZING. It is currently -5. I think I will just put on my string bikini, close my eyes and dream of the beach...okay minus the string bikini add the Mama style tankini.

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