Thursday, October 14, 2010

I did it!

You know when Alea was a baby we rocked her to sleep until she was nearly 2. Yep every nap and every bedtime. Finally when she almost 2 I decided since I was pregnant and she was running out of room on my lap that she needed to go to sleep on her own. Thank goodness she took to it pretty well and it wasn't too painful. I meant to have her go to sleep by herself much younger it was that before I realized it she was 1 and could scream Mommy, Daddy come get me! That was all it took for us to go get her and continue to rock her. Now that she is nearly 3, you just never know what you are going to get. Sometimes she is so tired and will drift off into dreamland before we shut the door. Other times, well it sounds like there is a full-on circus in her room. Did I tell you about the day she somehow, somewhere found an old bottle of spray tan? Yep, her body, her clothes, the floor, the bed.... And don't forget the time she got into the laundry room and got a bottle of Downey fabric softener (thank God it was almost empty) and dumped it in her bed? Just in case you were wondering Downey stains when used without water. Needless to say her room smelled great!

When Emme was born I decided that she needed to go to sleep on her own much earlier. I have much less time and I remember the countless hours I spent rocking Alea. So when Emme was about 5 months I started her. Luckily she took to it pretty well and most of the time falls asleep without even a whimper. The other times (since she has just sprouted one tooth and has another just about to pop through) she cries and I bring her back upstairs and it can be quite the ordeal.

If you are wondering my point... there are those days when both girls give me a break, take a nap at the same time and fall asleep without a peep. I sit on the couch with a huge grin on my face and think I did it! I definitely don't turn on the TV, sometimes I work and some days I don't do anything, I just revel in my accomplishment! Sleeping children is such a sweet reward!

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