Friday, May 7, 2010

Things Have Changed

So I have been a little MIA, since January from what it looks like... A lot has happened since then, new baby, new business. Sweet little Emme was born March 29 and I could not be more in love. It is amazing what a new baby can do. I don't think I have stopped smiling from the moment she was born. On top of that seeing Alea with her little sister is the most memorable and sweet thing I have ever experienced. To say the least, I am a lucky woman!

Now the new business, Claire Eads Photography. Photography has always captured me in many ways and I have always enjoyed capturing those special moments in time that we don't ever get back. I took classes at FIT but was working with a manual camera. Since getting into digital, I have dabbled more into nature shots (how can you not living in such a beautiful place like Aspen) but I am ready to take my hobby to the next level. One of my reason other than the pure love of amazing photos is that you can not get affordable quality photos in this valley. I know so many Mom's around here that have never had professional pictures of their kids taken because it is unaffordable. So here I am ready to capture spectacular photos of beautiful children!

Stay tuned, I promise to post photos and talk all about my new venture. If you are wondering about Bebe Dulce, it is still going strong. So you can still get great gifts too!

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