Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ahhh, The Last Day of 2009....

So it is December 31, 2009....what a year! It was a great year over-all for me and for Bebe Dulce. A lot of work, a lot of fun, a lot of lessons learned and a few surprises. I think my biggest accomplishment personally is having a good and loving marriage, even though getting Bebe Dulce off the ground has made it tough and having the cutest 2 year old EVER. She is so amazing and fun and sweet. Just this morning when she was finished with her breakfast I gave her a wet paper towel to wipe off her face and hands, she said "thank you, Mommy!". I just have to pat myself on the back every time she says please and thank you without being prompted, I love it! As for my biggest accomplishment business wise, just having a successful business in this economy is a pretty good accomplishment. I am also very proud of my marketing and PR, which as you have heard me say before I knew NOTHING about before this Fall. I did a lot of research and work and I am now very proud of my extensive Press page on my website! I hope that page continues to expand in 2010! I hope everything expands in 2010, personally and professionally!!

So here is to everyone (I have to make a toast now because I will definitely not be awake at midnight), for those who had a tough year, I hope 2010 brings you what you need for success and happiness and for those that had a great 2009, I hope 2010 brings you more success and happiness! Cheers!

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