Sunday, November 8, 2009

Livin' The Life...

Wow, it has been awhile since my last post! I have been swamped with marketing and PR and loving every minute of it! I have gotten great responses from almost everyone I contacted! The Peek-a-Boo Clip is doing well and will hopefully be doing even better very soon! I little marketing tip that I thought of is to give the local hospital (there is only one here) a bag of Peek-a-Boo Clips and let them give them to new Mom's. I really want to get the buzz going about the Peek-a-Boo and I think this will definitely help. I mean anyone so far that has heard of it loves it but I don't know everyone and don't have access to new Mom's, so this is my idea. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

A couple of days ago the new issue of Aspen Peak Magazine came out and there is a sweet, little article about Bebe Dulce!! Wayhooo!!! Our first magazine feature! Plus Start Up Nation called a couple of weeks ago and interviewed me regarding my entry into their 2009 Home Based Business Competition. My first interview!! I didn't win the competition but was one of the "Top Winners" (as they describe it) meaning we were interviewed and mentioned in 2 articles on Marketing and PR is alot of work but it is definitely starting to pay off!!

Get a head start on your Holiday shopping, use code earlybird until Nov. 12 to get 20% off your entire order plus FREE shipping and a FREE Peek-a-Boo or Paci Clip for all orders over $50!!

Coming next week at peppermint scent for lotion, candle, shea butter, relaxation pillow, and sea salt! I just made it this week end and let me just say the lotion is "to die for", it makes your skin tingle! You know like when you put a toner or cleanser on your face! Amazing! Can't wait for you all to try it!!

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